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Special Intention Yagyas are better if performed with, or after, all the recommended Planetary yagyas.

Yagyas pay off karmic debt. These yagyas are performed in Kanpur, India under the direction of Pandit D. S. Dixit.

Special Intention Yagyas - It is best to complete your recommended Planetary yagyas as well as requesting special intention yagyas. Planetary yagyas are like plowing and preparing a field for planting. The special intention yagyas could be considered the seeds one plants and cultivates. If the soil in which they are planted is fertile and ready to grow seeds, there is a bountiful harvest.
Special intention yagyas are not a substitute for planetary yagyas. Often, planetary yagyas repeated over time will help to balance situations in our lives.

We do the following specific yagyas for special intentions. Keep in mind that these are the most commonly requested special intention yagyas. In general, a yagya can be performed for almost any special intention:

  • Improvement of health
  • Improvement of finances
  • Improvement of memory
  • Peace of mind
  • Removal of fear from govt. & enemy (favorable settlement of conflict)
  • Removal of obstacles
  • Freedom from inner fear
  • Freedom from bondage
  • Freedom from addiction to drugs and alcohol
  • Good and peaceful sleep
  • Removal of domestic worries
  • Domestic and general happiness
  • Gaining weight
  • Losing weight
  • Spiritual progress & enlightenment
  • Success in business
  • Success in finding a suitable job
  • A safe, comfortable journey
  • Physical and mental energy
  • Success in education and learning
  • Conceiving children
  • Fortunate development of children
  • Finding a suitable life partner
  • Harmony in married life
  • Finding a suitable wife
  • Finding a suitable husband
  • Upholding evolution in life
  • Vastu yagya for buying land, building and property
  • Vastu yagya for selling land, building and property
  • Vastu yagya for building a new house
  • Vastu yagya for moving into a new house

Special Intention yagyas only come in "A" category and are chanted for about 21 days. - $325

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