Thank you for your interest in Pandit Dixit�s services.

We hope that you understand from the information at our website that this is a yagya program based on Vedic Astrology. Pandit Dixit makes his recommendations for you based on your astrological chart and your specific concerns or areas of focus. He will make recommendations for your planetary yagyas (at least two and usually more) and possibly for special intention yagyas to further address your areas of concern.

Often, doing the planetary yagyas will improve your situation. Planetary yagyas support the special intention yagyas. We�ve found that the special intention yagyas are more effective when the planetary yagyas are done before, or concurrently with them.

The recommendations are given in priority order so you may order them as your budget allows.

The costs for the special intention and Royal yagyas are separate. We will send you pricing when they are recommended.

To get started

We need your:

1. Completed recommendation form� (see below)

2. Payment of $275 which will be applied toward your first planetary yagya. You only need to send the payment for your first yagya once - this can be done via PayPal upon completion of the form below.

The rest of the process goes like this:

1. We�ll email you Pandit Dixit�s recommendations within a week, usually less time than that.
2. You choose which yagyas you want to have performed at this time (we�ll be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have).
3. You make payment for the yagyas you have chosen.
4. Pandit Dixit will schedule your yagyas and we�ll send you confirmation of the dates.
5. We�ll send you guidelines for enhancing your yagya experience.
6. We�ll also send you tips for reducing stress and increasing energy.

How do I pay?

If you did not already pay via our shopping cart before visiting this page you will be redirected to send your $275 via PayPal upon submission of this form. You may also call us, 9 to 5, eastern time in the USA, Monday through Friday, with your credit card information. Our phone number in the USA is 828 216 1422.
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Your information will be kept confidential. We send the information to Pandit Dixit in India. He will only use it to make yagya recommendations for you.

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