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Planetary Yagyas

Jyotish and Yagyas
neutralize negative influences and enhance success in life presented by the Pandit D. S. Dixit Jyotish and Yagya Program.

According to the Vedic philosophy of Karma (action), what we experience in life now is the result of our own past actions or karma. A yagya is the most auspicious remedial action to counteract past negative karma and to create positive karma for the future.

A yagya is the chanting of specific Vedic mantras (sounds) by professionally trained and dedicated Vedic Pandits. The mantras are chanted a predetermined number of times then followed by a fire ceremony to burn the last seeds of karma around the yagya. A strong Vedic principle about yagyas is "the more done, the more benefits we will receive".

How do I know which yagyas are right for me?

We use the Vedic science of Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) to look at possible future tendencies that you might like to avoid. In addition, we solicit your input concerning areas of your life that you wish to improve or strengthen. After determining your areas of need, we are then able to choose the most beneficial yagya(s) for you. Typically, Pandit Dixit will recommend several Planetary yagyas to help clear one's negative karma. To receive yagya recommendations click here for the Yagya Request Form

Once Pandit Dixit has received your birth data, he will make a chart of the heavens for your time and place of birth. From this chart, he will determine which planetary influences are weak or negative today. He may recommend from one to five planetary yagyas to help reduce any difficult karma. He may also recommend special intention yagyas depending on your concerns. It is suggested that clients follow Pandit Dixit's recommendations for Planetary yagyas rather than choosing unaided from our lists of yagyas. Planetary yagyas support and enhance the special intention yagyas. Many times our clients' concerns smooth out once they have done only their planetary recommendations.

These yagyas are performed for each of the nine planetary influences (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu) that are used in Vedic Astrology.

Planetary yagyas are meant to neutralize the negative influences and strengthen the positive influences of the lords of the major period, sub period and transit cycles. If a particular planet in its major, sub period or transit cycle, is adversely affecting a particular area of life, its yagya is done to bring favorable support of nature and lessen the negative influence of that planet.
Each planetary yagya done at "A" category is chanted for about 14 days and costs $275. Each planetary yagya done at "B" category is chanted for about 7 days and costs $175.
The category of yagya is determined by the number of times the mantra is repeated. More repetitions bring greater support of Nature.

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