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Jyotish Technology and
the Science of Yagyas

Yagyas neutralize negative
influences and enhance success in life.
Our yagyas are presented by the Vedic Life Foundation directed by Pandit D. S. Dixit.

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According to the Vedic philosophy of Karma (action), whatever goodness or badness, positivity or negativity, happiness or unhappiness, success or failure, pleasure or pain, prosperity or adversity we come across in our life is the result of our own past actions or karma. A yagya is the most auspicious remedial action to counteract past negative karma or to create positive karma for the future.

A yagya is a ceremony which includes the chanting of specific Vedic mantras (sounds with known beneficial effects) by professionally trained and dedicated Vedic Pandits. The mantras are chanted a predetermined number of times to burn the seeds of karma. A strong Vedic principle about yagyas is "the more done, the more benefits we will receive".

Pandit D. S. Dixit is the President of the Vedic Life Foundation in Kanpur, India.

He is happy to accept your birth details and make a birth chart (kundali) for you. He will make his yagya recommendations from your kundali.

An astrologer is not the architect of any one's destiny. He can simply help the people by making them aware of their karma and help to alleviate negative karmic cycles.

Our present destiny is shaped by our past actions and our present actions will
determine our future destiny.

- Vedic Literature

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